The Eight Biggest Myths In Renewable Energy Today

Misconception and myth hang over the entirety of the US energy sector, but with renewable energy equally likely to get bogged down in political wrangling over subsidy levels and climate change, getting to the truth remains a particular challenge.

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Accounting firm Ernst & Young is accustomed to crunching data from a wide range of sources and sorting it into manageable categories. The company has taken an increasing thought-leadership profile in energy, and recently released an update to its substantial renewable energy attractiveness indices as part of that practice.

The surprisingly-bullish report includes scores for state renewable energy markets, renewable energy infrastructure and their suitability for individual technologies. The indices provide scores out of 100 and are typically updated on a biannual basis.

In discussing the report, the indices and the results this year that placed California at the top of the heap but had some surprising breakouts, Ernst & Young LLP Senior Manager, National Tax Michael Bernier dispelled some of the most entrenched myths in the renewable energy business.

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