I received feedback

I received some feedback about my position on nuclear energy so let me make it clear.

In our current global situation, we will need to use all available means to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear power can significantly help on this front.

If we talk about really long term, several centuries or millennia, then I want us to get rid of nuclear as well and use only truly renewable energy sources. Right now nuclear will help us cut carbon dioxide emissions quicker, which is absolutely necessary.

Yes, nuclear has risks and uranium mining is dirty, but fossil fuels are definitely worse. Global warming is orders of magnitude more severe problem than any issues we have had with nuclear power anywhere, ever.

Using nuclear now can buy us plenty more time to research renewable energy and move to truly sustainable energy later, when we are decommissioning the reactors that we are building now.

Do you accept the use of nuclear power to help lower greenhouse gas emissions faster?

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