CWS, Vadodara moves towards Green Energy

Green Energy

Propelling the national drive of generating green energy and contributing in accomplishment of UN’s Sustainable development goal under climate action, ONGC is committed and progressive with its comprehensive planning to setup solar power plants at various work centres.

Achieving the National Solar Mission with annual growth rate more than 75%, India is continuously enhancing its solar capacity installed in various forms. ONGC with its structured initiatives in solar energyis targeting to achieve 1.5 GW Solar energy capacity by 2020. Starting from residential colonies, to solar water heaters and navigational lighting on unmanned platforms of offshore areas, prospects of solar energy is sky high. Working on big projects like PV Solar power plants in Rajahmundry, Uran Plant and Hazira Plant, many Grid connected & off-Grid Roof Top Solar power plants are being commissioned all across ONGC. Dignitaries inaugurating 100 kWp Roof top solar power PlantDignitaries inaugurating 100 kWp Roof top solar power Plant.
100 kWp PV Roof Top Solar Power Plant was inaugurated at CWS, Vadodara by ED-CTS Mr. A Ravi, ED-Head CWS Mr. B K Prasad, GGM-Head WSS Ahmedabad Mr. K W S Rajendra, GGM-Impetus Mr. Biswanath De, GGM-Head TA & EA Mr. S K Malik along with senior officers from various work centres visiting CWS for Asset Interaction Meet and Team CWS, Vadodara.
In order to feed green energy to its installations and operations, Central Workshop Vadodara has installed 100 kWp (KW Peak) Roof top solar Power Plant on the open and exposed roofs available with support of Technical Services under the able supervision of GGM-Head TA &EA Mr. S K Malik and DGM In-Charge Renewable Energy Mr. H N Joshi. This Solar power plant is distributed over roof tops of BOP Shop and MM receipt section with 70 kWp and 30 kWp power respectively. The total 70 kWp Power is generated at PV panels distributed over BOP Repair shop roof top through 154 modules in 8 strings received in an invertor of capacity 50kW and 61 modules in 6 strings through another invertor of 20kW capacity. Simultaneously, 30kWp power will be generated on the roof top of MM receipt section through 92 modules of panels in 5 strings through a 30kW invertor. The complete solar power plant is grid connected where the unutilized power will be directly transferred to Grid.
Other than directly creating green energy by installing solar power plant, Team CWS Vadodara with steps like plantation of sapling by visiting dignitaries has always tried to promote green initiatives impacting the environment. More than 15 Dignitaries who visited CWS for attending Asset Interaction Meeting planted saplings in the newly developed garden near New BOP Repair Shop.
Dignitaries planting saplings at CWS, VadodaraDignitaries planting saplings at CWS, Vadodara
These initiatives at CWS, Vadodara will not only help to reduce power burden but also help make earth more green and a better place to live.

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