Theoretical ideas of electric heater

Electric heater is a heat manufacturing appliance, which heat the space by heating element with heat radiation. The main part of heater is the heating element. The heater element is mainly made of nichrome wire and heating element that heats a place through heat radiation. Again, the heating element spreads through heat transfer circulation. If there is a place or a room to wipe out the heating element is sparkled on a circular porcelain tube. Then the heat manufactured by the blower or any other refactor is crushed to the room. The heating element is enclosed by the insulating crushed in a metallic tube. This insulating crushed heating superior conductive but power insulator. Water is hot through heat convection generated in this process. Thermostat for the control of heat and time controller switch is used for time control heat. The thermostat of electric heater works just like the thermostat operation of the electric iron. Electronic timer circuits for time control and in some cases the mechanical timer is used. There are different types of electric heater wattage. The most common electric heater is seen in the market generally from 450W to 3,000W.

Different type of electric heaters.

★Water heater.
★Surface heater.
★Liquid heater.
★Gas heater.

Constructively different type of electric heaters.

★Blow type
★Rod type
★Convection type
★Immersion type
★Hot plate type
★Stove type
★Kettle type

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